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    making a form from an excel spreadsheet

    Hi.. I have tried searching for some clue to my question but can't find anything that answers my question..

    I'm running excel 2003. I am an amateur spreadsheeter. I can do the basics, and that's about it.

    I have a basic spreadsheet that pretty much is just a calculator.
    It's setup to calculate values for counting a petty cash drawer.
    so if you put like 6 rolls of dimes, it'll be $30 (in another column).
    and at the bottom it adds everything up and if it doesn't equal to the amount supposed to be in the cash drawer there's another line that gives the difference be it positive or negative.

    I'd like to make this into a working Form. Not to collect data, but basically just a fancy calculator to help people add coins and bills.
    the data doesn't need to be saved, just calculated and displayed and possibly printed.
    I've got the spreadsheet working in Excel and Google Spreadsheet, and want to give it out to other people.. it'd be nice to be able to use the Excel 97 Viewer to be able to enter info, or possibly compile this into an executable file?

    I tried to find a way to make a PDF, but I don't have adobe acrobat, but I have some freeware editors and whatnot..

    I can't share the google spreadsheet because not everybody has internet access.

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    If you attach and upload a sample copy of the Excel file you have, perhaps we can tune it up a bit and see what you are doing.


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