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    Need to insert a "doc" compatible checkbox using 2010

    Dear Loungers,

    I am using 2010 but the recipients of a document I am creating need in in doc format. Mostly this is fine but I don't know how to insert a check-box that will function in a doc file?

    Thank you..................... liz

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    If you don't have the developer tab visible go into BackStage view and customize the ribbon so you can see it.
    Position your cursor where you want the checkbox.
    Select the "Legacy Tools" item in the control grouping and select the checkbox from there.
    What I don't know is if you have to save the document as a .doc or if it work if you save it as .docx and then the user uses the compatibility pack to convert it to .doc.

    Update: Ok, I booted my laptop and tested this in 2003 and it works when the document is converted by the Compatibility pack with the CP SP-3.
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