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    Tweaking your Browser

    Here is an interesting article from on tweaking your browser.
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    I do some of that already:

    1. Automatically update your Web browser. - No ..but I check regularly anyway.

    2. Disable tracking cookies. - Yes, unwanted cookies go when the browser is closed.

    3. Save your form data with Lazarus. No, not heard of it until now.

    4. Stay safe with Web of Trust. - Yes, either that or use Norton's Safe Search function.

    5. Sync your bookmarks. - No, don't seem to need that.

    6. Stay incognito and clear your history. - Yes, I clear history.

    7. Easily zoom in and out. - Yes.

    8. Quarantine your at-risk apps with Sandboxie. - Yes, Sandboxie is my number 1 security program.

    9. Get a password-management app. - Yes, either Norton's Password Safe or LastPass (depending on the browser used).

    10. Just say no to Web scripting. - No, not all scripting is blocked, just tracking scripts using either Ghostery or ScriptNo.

    11. Use Yoono to bring your social networks together. - No, never heard of it until now. Not in any social networks

    12. Block all sharing buttons. Yes. I don't share anything.

    13. Search for your social networks of choice. No, not in any social networks.

    14. Tweak (or toss) your PDF plug-in. Yes, I use Foxit Reader or the PDF reader included in Chrome.

    15. Keep multiple browsers handy, especially for Flash. Yes, installed browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE.

    16. Know your diagnostic modes. - No, I'm not familiar with some of the commands mentioned, although I'd get to know them if necessary.

    17. Speed up your Net connection by changing your domain name server. - Yes, I use Norton DNS.

    18. Keep your toolkit handy. - Yes, got a 'toolkit'.

    19. Start reading on your PC’s browser, finish on your smartphone’s. - No, I don't have a smartphone.

    20. Take your Gmail to the next level. - No, Virgin Media's POP e-mail with web access works OK for me.

    21. Use TinEye to find an image’s origin. No, never heard of it until now.

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