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    Word 2007 mailing labels full page of the same label with tabs in the text


    I have a band schedule that I'm trying to print to Avery 6572 labels, then stick on the back of our business card and lay on the tables at the venue we are playing. The text contains tabs, and when I open Mailings > Labels > Envelopes and Labels, the textbox there messes up the tabs and everything is out of alignment. I can edit the text, so I find the tabs are still there, only the tab stops didn't follow the text into the Labels dialog. Ideally there is a patch for Word to fix this, but I'll do what it takes to get it done. How do I get this to work?

    Here is the band schedule. [when I paste it in here, the tabs are somehow converted to spaces. Hopefully you can tell where the tabs go. The final look should be nicely aligned, easy to read.]

    3 Pubhouse 19 5651 La Centre Ave
    Albertville 763-497-7629
    9 The Maxx 17646 Central Ave
    Ham Lake 763-434-4970
    31 Serum's 213 Jackson St.
    Anoka 763-421-7522
    14 Pubhouse 19
    20 Half Time Rec 1013 Front Ave
    St. Paul 651-488-8245

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    Hi guitarzan8,

    The layout appearance in the mailmerge main document is of no particular consequence. That's because there's no necessary relationshipo between the length of your mergefield names and the data they represent. What matters is whether the mailmerge output is correct. Try getting the first label's layout correct, then click the 'update labels' option.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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