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    Addin corruption (Excel 97)

    I have an 11 page audit schedule in Report Manager. Starting yesterday I began to receive the attached msg from the macro. I cannot interpret it relative to any sheet name I have. I obtained a new .xla file and still get the same message. However, Manager seems to work in other workbooks. At this point, I get the problem even opening the report to edit. I was going to start deleting one page after another to identify the culprit, but now cannot get the %$#@! thing to let me do that.
    Any suggestions?
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    Re: Addin corruption (Excel 97)


    OK is this application done in VBA or the old Excel macro language? The messages are the old style XLM error messages. Is there a worksheet (actually it is a macro sheet called Reports XLM?

    Could you post the application so that we can dingoes it better by working with it?

    Have you tried to disable macro code and opening the workbook without having any code run? I don't know if XLM stops completely, but its worth a shot.

    You do have a working copy you said, so if you get a new working copy does it fail on your PC?

    Does the one that fail on your PC work on other PCs?

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