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    Go back to IE8 ??

    I'm sure I read that somewhere but can't find it right now, I'm on 'info overload' from trying to read so much & keep up on my own threads. I even had to go to my profile to see where I've been , have just been posting too many questions in too many places . Anyway. . . I'm having enough trouble trying to learn Windows 7 without having to deal with IE9 that came as an auto update 'cuz I forgot to shut that off & change it to 'just notify me'. I'm used to IE8 but can't afford a problem now if that's what would happen if I go back.


    7 Home Edition 64 bit
    IE9 (don't know if it's 32 or 64)

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    Control Panel, Programs and Features. There is a link on the left to Installed Updates. Find and uninstall IE 9. IE 8 is automatically reinstalled when IE 9 is uninstalled. Of course this presupposes that your installation of Win 7 came installed with IE 8 and you upgraded to IE 9. If it came preloaded with IE 9 you may be out of luck. By the way IE 9 works almost the same as IE 8, it's just more secure. You can customize it to look almost identical to IE 8. Just right click on the top tool bar and turn on or off whatever menus you wish to have or not have.

    If your OS is 64 Bit, you have both 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions of the browser although the 32 Bit is default.
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