I tried to install a program called PortForward on my vista 64 machine and it would not install. i got the error 1001. when i asked they said it was conflicting with something on your machine and to try putting it in in safe mode, which it did then install. now they suggest using it whilst in safe mode which is totally unacceptable. at about the same time i now have a message box which pops up 'Windows Service Start Failure cannot start from the command line or debugger. a windows service must first be installed (using installutil.exe) and the started with the server explorer, windows services administrative tool or the net start command' Does anyone know what this is or how to remove it all i know is that it is stopping me using my torrent client or being able to watch my WinTv7 from hauppauge on my pc.

I need your help and knowledge guys. look forward to hearing from you.

Mikey B