I normally use Outlook on an exchange server account when using my main and work computer. When travelling I use an iPhone email App (the standard default one). This synchronises well, using iTunes, 3G or WiFi. However, there is one strange problem. If I need to save a draft composed on the iPhone, the App does not seem to use the Exchange 'Draft' folder but creates a new one. It seems to recognise the Outlook draft folder as if it were simply a standard folder and so feels a need to create a new draft folder. It does this every time. It also happens with the iPad. So, I find a whole sequence of draft folders (all empty) labelled Draft1, Draft2, etc. the only way of getting rid of these is to delete them from within outlook - they cant be deleted within the App. Is there any way that I can get the App to synchronise with the standard Outlook draft folder rather than keep creating these unnecessary and annoying folders?