I have searched for some answers to my problem, but so far have found none.
I use Office 2007, and have various address books set up in Outlook, fromwhich I want to import addresses into Word documents and envelopes in Word 2007.
I have followed the instructions in KB article Q212345, inserting curly braces to suppress blank lines, but in a Word document, a blank line appears when a field (e.g. <PR_STATE_OR_PROVINCE>) is empty. What may I be doing wrong?
Also, when I try to insert an address from an Outlook address book in an envelope (using Mailings>Envelopes), the Postal Code is inserted immediately after the Locality (City) without a line-break. While this is standard practice in the USA, it is NOT so in the UK. How can I change this?
I have set the Autotext AddressLayout as follows:
(where the <ENTER>s are inserted as line-breaks.
Any help on this appreciated...