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    Adjacent Dependent Validation Lists (Office97 SR2)

    Hello Fellow Loungers:
    Many of you probably already know (from my past posts) that I develop applications for monitoring the production rates and quality of Medical Record Abstractors. With this application, the client selects a user (an abstractor), picks a variable from a Validation List, and then clicks a button which activates code to bring back monthly IQC data for the user. These data include the month name, the number of times the user abstracted this variable in the IQC sample for each month, and the number of times the abstraction was correct.
    Some Variable Names are not unique (i.e., they appear multiple times but with different titles); an example would be Presence of Stroke Symptoms (where the abstractor can select any of multiple symptoms from a picks list). I was not aware of this when I designed the Application. So, I have two column lists, one with the Variable Names and an adjacent one with the Title (short description of the Variable). I use a VLOOKUP function to bring back the Variable Description to the cell adjacent to the Validation cell (the cell that is used to select the variable name). Currently, if the client selects one of these variables they get the data corresponding to the first occurrence of this variable in the list.
    Is there anyway I could design this so that the client would be presented with a list of the different definitions (descriptions) of that variable, say in a 3rd adjacent column? Or, do I have to use a VBA list Box or something else?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Adjacent Dependent Validation Lists (Office97 SR2)


    many people would have many solutions, some will be great and easy, others will be cumbersome and accurate.

    I suggest you look at your data, and expand your VLookup list. I know this is the long way, but you will have the best accuracy ever.

    You could Advance Filter your data into a new location with Unique entries, then get your list that way.

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