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    Plain-text encoding still broken - what now? (2002 IMO All versions)

    How would I best go about ensuring that a known issue (but unacknowledged on the technote below) will be fixed? It was acknowledged to me by a member of the Office 10 beta team, but Outlook has seen a couple hotfixes since then, and nothing has become of this.

    The essence of the issue is that quoted-printable (and base 64) does NOT actually work even when the below procedure is followed. The header of the message looks for all the world that it's quoted-printable, but the body of the message proves that it obviously isn't. This problem existed in the later stages of the beta and now exists in the initial OL2002 release as well as all subsequent releases.

    The problem makes things very difficult for my group, since we use plain-text but also need to be able to send messages without hard line breaks (which disrupt things such as long URL's). Using quoted-printable was always the way to do that (in Outlook 2000, for example, and even Outlook Express now), but sadly it's broken in OL2002.

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    Re: Plain-text encoding still broken - what now? (2002 IMO All versions)

    unless you are a partner or have a large # of seats, there really isn't much you can do - they don't listen to many little people.

    they are aware of the issue and have a KB to explain it - if they feel it's important or that it can be fixed without adding more bugs, it will be. if they can't fix it without problems or don't feel it's a big issue, it won't be fixed.

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    Re: Plain-text encoding still broken - what now? (2002 IMO All versions)

    I agree that I'm unlikely to get their attention on this, despite having brought it up in the beta and having posted comments in the article, but the KB article is very different than most in that it offers a solution to the problem, but the solution doesn't actually work. They removed the feature from the UI (e.g. it was in OL2000, and a Registry hack wasn't necessary), and they were kind enough to reveal how to do the same thing in the Registry for OL2002 -- it's just that it seems no one ever tested it to make sure it's really working.

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