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Thread: CD-RW and XP

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    CD-RW and XP

    The Roxio software provided with XP seems to only offer a CD-R type mode, which involves many steps, is slow and produces read-only files on a CD-RW. Under Win 98 I used ahead InCD (within Nero) all the time to back up Word files extremely quickly to CD-RW without all the fuss. Has anyone tried Nero under Win XP. Is it compatible and will it allow the same single-step copying to CD-RW? Is it necessary to uninstall the Roxio software first?

    An update of the Roxio software for Win XP is apparently forthcoming in the "near future", but anyone's guess whether it will improve the situation with CD-RW; presumably not, as the separate retail package seems to offer the functionality that's missing.

    Any thoughts about whether it's best to stick with the very limited Roxio offering because it's been integrated with XP?

    Also interested to hear if there are alternative CD-RW writing packages that work well under XP.

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    Re: CD-RW and XP

    Isn't it funny that Microsoft integrated Roxio's technology into XP, and at the same time made all previous versions of CD Creator obsolete. XP even TELL'S YOU that it won't work. It hasn't told me that about any other utilities that I tried and didn't work.

    The only way right now to get CD Creator's finctionality is to BUY Roxio's newest version. Methinks something is rotten in Redmond. A little "I'll scratch your back . . .?" I'm beginning to think that Janet Reno was right!

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