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    PowerPoint - PPSX

    I need to be able to print a slideshow. I can print one copy by saving the slideshow to my desktop, right clicking on it and selecting Print. The Print dialog box does not open giving me the options I need.

    I checked on, but the instructions they give do not work. They are:
    1. Open PowerPoint 2010 and click the "File" tab. Click "Open." Browse the files and locate a presentation. Click the presentation and the "Open" option. The presentation opens.
    2. Click the "File" tab and select "Print." In the "Print" section, specify the number of copies. In the "Printer" section, select the printer from the provided drop down list. In the "Settings" section, specify how many slides to print from the slide show, how many slides to print per page, color of printed copies and the type of printed collation.
    3. Click the "Print" button to print the PowerPoint slide show.
    When I follow these steps, the slideshow opens and I have no ribbons to work with.

    With PPT 2003, I was able to do this, and turn the slides into jpgs and add the pictures to my ScreenSaver. These are the steps I followed to do this:

    How to be able to print or copy slides or pictures from a slide show.
    1. Save PPS to desktop.
    2. Open PowerPoint.
    3. Insert | Slides from Files.
    4. Browse to file on desktop.
    5. Insert all.
    6. Close.
    To get the slides converted to .JPG, from inside the PPT:
    1. Click on File | Local Save As
    2. Select the .JPG from the list under File As Type
    3. Name the folder that will be on your desktop.
    4. Open this folder and all the slides will now be in .JPG format.

    Help as soon as possible will be very much appreciated.

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    The "Microsoft" method does definitely work so there's something strange going on. I can't imagine any way it would open a slide show using this procedure.

    You do have the full version of 2010 not the free viewer??

    You can use the method you outline for 2003 (It shouldn't be neccessary there either though)

    Open PowerPoint - On the HOME tab choose New Slide (drop arrow) >> Reuse slides

    Locate the PPSX and right click a thumbnail > Insert All

    You should also be able to right click the PPSX and choose NEW

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