Does Windows provide statistics for CPU time used on the separate cores of a multi-core processor?

I am running an Intel E6750 duo-core processor. I also have some processes that are fenced onto one of the two cores (so they don't monopolize the whole processor).

But when I look in Task Manager, all I see is one column for CPU time (this on WinXP SP3).

Is there a way to see how much each core is being used and by what processes?

I also checked in with Sysinternals Process Explorer. Not unexpectedly, it shows the same single column as Task Manager.

However, I also have a separate monitoring application called TaskInfo (which I have used for years). BUT when I look at the CPU stats there, he again shows only one column BUT his CPU time numbers are 1/2 (50%) of the numbers shown in Task Manager and Process Explorer!

Something is going on here and I don't know exactly what it is....