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    Computer Will Not Boot Up

    My friend has a Gateway MA3 with WinXP SP3. Recently a relative installed some unknown software that would let him connect to the internet via his cell phone. After a few days the computer ran very slow and eventually would freeze after booting up. Soon it would not boot up at all. I suggested safe mode, which was successful for a few tries, but now the computer will not boot up at all.

    He wants to get access to save his photos. Any hope? Any suggestions?


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    Hopefully the actual harddisk isn't dying!

    If he just wants to save his photos, pop out the harddisk, plug it into a 2nd PC, and copy them off.

    If the files are inaccessible from 2nd PC (Password-protected User Account), try making a User Account with the original name and password.

    If that doesn't work you need to right-click the 'USERS NAME' folder and select Properties-Permissions-Advanced (still from 2nd PC) and set the 'Owner' to 'Everybody', then they become accessible.

    Check the Disk with some free tools to make sure it is in good order - if it is getting old (5-7 years is my personal 'trust-limit') throw it out.
    Then do a nice fresh clean install of XP, and it'll work for many more years!

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