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    Solved: long delay after turning system on before Windows starts booting

    I recently bought a second-hand computer package for my wife to surf the net that included an eMachine running Vista basic, with a keyboard, speakers, mouse and monitor and a USB Lexmark printer. After setting the system up I discovered that after turning it on, it paused for a good 5-10 minutes or longer at the POST stage, with no sign it was doing anything. The same thing happened when bringing the machine back from hibernation. I tried tweaking the BIOS every which way I could think but with no change. Eventually I set it up to never hibernate and suggested just planning ahead when starting the system up. Then as a last resort (should've been my first) I googled the problem and found someone who'd had a similar problem which had been resolved by unplugging the printer. I'd turned the printer off after setting up the system, since there'd be little need for it, and on a hunch turned the printer on – and, voilà!: problem solved. BIOS must've been searching for the printer via USB or some such. Anyway, thought I'd post this in case anyone else has experienced a similar situation.
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