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    A View into Windows8

    I ran the DP from mid-September 2011. Messed w/ it sporadically. Since 29/2/12 have been solidly w/ Windows8. To little time to learn it, personalise it. I'm running dual-boot w/ Windows7, both x64. The Start is of little concern... I boot to the Desktop... have customized start but visit it rately. The lack of old start menu & windows orb is meaningless. Navigating Win8 is smooth, easy, convenient & quick. Moussing, rather than Touch, goes just fine. There are some ok Features, particularly like Ribbon in Windows Explorer windows, what is in FILE & that access to Event viewer, cmd, cmd as Admin, is all over the place. Search is very cool, especially typing to open real estate on Start to search. I will say, emphatically, Keyboard shortcuts & Quick Launch make life w/ Windows8 much nicer than otherwise.

    As for performance, it is stunning!! RAM usage is low. CPU usage is low. Speed & snappiness impressive. So far, I have hit not snags or glitches, except for once the screen saver got stuck. I have discovered any software or hardware issues. No 'installation' of any devices was needed, Windows8 took care of everything all by itself w/ immediacy @ the onset. It does do some neat & helpful things. I'll end this diatribe by using some unexpected adjectives... I have been using various Windows OSs for a long time. I'm actually in IT & have worked on many machines & done many installs. I beta-tested Vista & Windows7... they were not as refined, @ the beginning of the Betas as Windows8 Beta is. The APPs are another story...seem noticeably unfinished. The install time on Windows8 is the fastest I've ever seen @ about 10-15 mins. But, back to the adjectives... the point was, after other OSs to compare & in mind, Windows8 just has this calm, relaxed, quiet, happy feel about it. You are welcome to try to figure out what I mean... techno jargon doesn't express it.

    Because of all of the above & more, I find Windows8 fun, enjoyable & technically impressive. How it will be received is hard to say. The design goal were ominous & probably have been achieved. The compatibility base is huge. The resource requirements are tiny, resource usage is low. The under-the-covers Features for enterprise are outstanding. It's the most secure & fastest booting OS, ever. I either see extreme balking or marked excitement. Getting End Users past the learning curve will be the challenge. Once you found a comfort zone, some understanding, a degree of competency, it is/can be a very pleasant, pleasing & interesting experience. It is different but, @ least, equally dynamic.


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    I have hit some snags with my WLM recovering and duplicating storage folders and causing a mess, twice now, so I will stick with Win 7 for checking my mail for now. I had both pointing to the same folders and found it started having hiccups. I guess I will just check mail less often and switch back when I do.

    I like to use the most advanced editor in these forums and because of the Enter button snafu, find I have to switch to the Standard Editor to get the Enter button to actually work when moving to a new paragraph. This is a problem reported in and carried forward from Win 8 DP. I had hoped it would have been fixed. Many others have said they have the same problem.

    When typing along, my cursor will suddenly jump backward to another section of the paragraph I am working on. You can imagine the mess that creates. Especially if you do not catch it quickly. This might be related to the Enter button but I suspect not because it happens in the Standard Editor as well.

    Yes I realize these are little quirks and this is after all a beta, but the last 2 were happening and were reported in Win 8 DP and were not addressed. That is dissappointing. I will continue to work in Win 8 CP for much of my time for the reason Drew has alluded to above. My hope is that MS will start fixing some of these small irritations along with fixing what they see as the big things like the Metro apps only partly done.
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