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    Multiple email addresses in Outlook 2010

    I have just upgraded from Outlook 2002 to 2010 and trying to customise it but coming up against some problems. I have several email addresses and these are all showing seperate in the left window pane (see screen shot). I would like to merge these to have only one account showing and all my email coming in to one account so that I am able to view in a single click. I managed to do this during the trial but am now at a loss how I did this. It did not involve macros so there must be a simple process I am missing.
    Thanks for any help.
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    Choose File->Account Settings. A dialog will open with several tabs. One of this, the leftmost, is the Email tab, where the list of your accounts will be displayed.

    Click the account you want to change and then click the Change Folder button. You will be able to choose the folder where the email will be delivered.

    Once you complete this for all the accounts, you can move any messages you want from the folders no longer in use and simple remove them. The removal can be achieved from the Data Files tab, in the same dialog.

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