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    Outlook 2010 filtering replied-to messages

    With the move from winXP to win7, I've moved from Outlook Express to Outlook. I was accessing gmail and Hotmail through OE.
    The OE INBOX showed;
    messages that had been replied to/forwarded, marked as such, making sorting and culling easy.
    Only those messages that had not been deleted
    Sent messages as normal

    Meanwhile, the web interface Inbox showed;
    all messages unread
    all messages that had been deleted in OE still there, unread
    replies that had been sent through OE were listed on the web in the SENT folder.

    So to outlook. Outlook has imported all the messages from the web from gmail etc, including;
    INBOX [all unread, all undeleted from the beginning of time]
    SENT messages, all as for OE and the web.

    What I need is to have outlook recognise which of the messages in the INBOX have been replied to so that I can apply a filter to keep only those and get rid of all the rest. This will come in handy to say the least, as there are 50,000 messages in the Inbox, but I want to keep the ones I've answered over a 3 year period.

    I've read about this problem on the net and found some SQL scripts for the advanced filter that someone had written, which for me didn't work.
    Have also tried 'sort by icon' as here > without success.

    Can anyone help?
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