Hey Y'all,

While playing with turning the Guest accont on/off I noticed a strange behavior.
Note: there is no picture on the Guest account.

  1. Click: WinKey+F.
  2. Click: Settings.
  3. Type: Guest Account
  4. Click: Turn guest account on or off.
  5. Click: Guest Icon {this is on the Manage Accounts screen}

This presents a screen with two buttons: Turn On & Cancel.
So I turn it on.
It returns me to the Manage Accounts and shows the Guest account as active, still with no picture.
Click the Guest icon again.
It now comes up with My Main Account picture, labeled Guest with a blue link: Turn off the guest account.
Guest Account.PNG
I find this inconsistent at best and confusing, especially to novice users.

BTW: You'll notice in the first step above I used WinKey+F to get directly to the search vs WinKey+C for the Charms Bar then having to click on the Search icon. Just a little faster IMHO.