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    Shadow Copies vs File History

    I was checking my instructions for enabling Shadow Copies and low and behold it seems to have changed to a thing called File History.
    From the help file:
    File History only saves copies of files that are in your libraries, contacts, favorites, and on your desktop. If you have files or folders elsewhere that you want backed up, you can move them into one of your existing libraries or create a new library.
    It looks like a nice feature and the setup recommends that you use an external drive or network drive. I'm setting it up on my WD-NetCenter NAS to see how it works. I'll report back.

    Anyone know if this is a replacement for Shadow Copies or just another feature. If it is not a replacement do you know how to get to Shadow Copies?

    Here's how to get there

    1. Press: WinKey+w.
    2. Type: shadow.
    3. Click: Save backup copies of your files with File History.


    Here's another method:

    1. Press: WinKey+w.
    2. Type: history.
    3. Click: File History.

    I noticed when I restarted my machine and went back into File History that it showed my NAS as Disconnected! I went to Explorer clicked on the NAS then refreshed the File History display {F5} and all was OK. Don't know why it didn't connect automatically.

    My NAS now has a full directory copy of my Libraries w/updates here:
    \\WD-NETCENTER\Shared Files\Dell9100FileHistory\Bruce\BRUCESWIN8\Data\G\ BEKDocs
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