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    Table of Contents and Document Map (2000)

    I have (what I thought was a well constructed) large document. It has multiple heading levels which I used to create a Table of Contents.

    However, the formatting of some text in the Table of Contents does not match the headings in the text. Help indicates that I can edit those entries directly in the Table of Contents. This is true .... but

    Word keeps drawing the bad entries back into the Table of Contents every time I update. These seem to be coming from the Document Map: there, the text of my headings is identical to the body of the paper, but the formatting is not (e.g., they might be all capitals in the document map but not in the paper).

    How do I solve this problem? Document map doesn't seem to be editable. It's entries also don't seem to correspond "directly" to any item in the body of the document.

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    Re: Table of Contents and Document Map (2000)

    Maybe the first step is to make your TOC styles (e.g., TOC 1) match your heading styles (e.g., Heading 1) more closely, to minimize the amount of manual formatting. The tabbing probably will be different, but you can make your font faces and sizes the same.

    (I have never used the Document Map, but I think the TOC styles probably have more influence here.)

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