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    Refer to a specific outline in Excel (Excell 2000)

    I have a worksheet with five different data assumption input areas. I would like to be able to have the user show/hide individual areas using image icons on the worksheet next to each area. My first thought is to group each area and have the clicking the image collapse a specific outline; however, I do not know how to refer to specific outlines on the same level. Please let me know if you know how to do this or have another suggestion as to how to do this.

    I am self taught and my VBA skills are a bit clumsy, so specifics are appreciated.

    Terry in Seattle

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    Re: Refer to a specific outline in Excel (Excell 2000)

    I think custom views may be a better choice. Check <A target="_blank" HREF= iew=&sb=&o=&vc=1#Post76161>this thread.</A> HTH --Sam
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