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    Controversial service puts Win7/Office on tablets


    Controversial service puts Win7/Office on tablets

    By Michael Lasky

    Can a tablet app that connects to a Cloud-based version of Windows 7 provide one more reason to abandon your PC?

    OnLive Desktop Plus is making an audacious bet that it can give iPad users inexpensive access to Windows 7, Office, and other Windows apps via the Web.

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    Oh heck, why stop with just an iPad

    Don't stop with just an iPad - let's go with a wrist watch. OH, don't complain that that little window is too small to get any work done.... Ok, maybe an iPad is OK for writing letters to Aunt Susan or checking email. But, really, replace my PC with a pad? Get real. I can just imagine editing photos in Photoshop or writing legal documents. Pads are toys for most of us. They will NEVER replace a PC.

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    Windows on a tablet will cost the same when this licensing issue is sorted out, whether you go with Windows 8 or whether you go with OnLive. The main difference is, with Windows 8 you will get an OS which is made for tablet use, not a Legacy Desktop rejiggered for touch. That could be good and bad, depending on your perspective and the quality of your iPad Docking Station.
    -- Bob Primak --

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