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    Help popups not working

    In all my Office 2000 applications, when I click on a highlighted term within help, it doesn't pop up a definition of the term like it should.

    It just changes the color of the link, indicating that I clicked on it... but no definition. [img]/w3timages/icons/spook.gif[/img]

    Any idea how to fix this? Others having the same problem?

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    Re: Help popups not working

    Well, it looks like the MS sites are working again, so I was able to search the KB now...

    It looks like Microsoft's own patch screws up the help system.

    According to Q262767 in the MS Knowledge Base, pop-up defintition functionality is destroyed by the MS UA Control Vulnerability Patch.

    All at once... a big Bronx Cheer for our friends at Microsoft![img]/w3timages/icons/tonguea.gif[/img][img]/w3timages/icons/tonguea.gif[/img][img]/w3timages/icons/tonguea.gif[/img][img]/w3timages/icons/tonguea.gif[/img][img]/w3timages/icons/tonguea.gif[/img]

    If anyone knows of a way around this (besides uninstalling the security patch), by all means feel free to post it!

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