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    Restore isn't restoring

    I cannot start Eudora, but that's not what this post is about so please bear with me. I wasn't worried, I have been leading clean life, eating my greens, and making back-ups. After installing Win 7, and before making the first back-up I had selected to save both program files and data. So all I had to do was restore, right? So that's what I did. At first glance seemed to work," Your files have been restored" it said. Sounds comforting, but Eudora wouldn't start. I tried restoring an older back-up, see how good I've been? I got the same reassuring message, but this time I looked at the rest of the box. "Some program or system files were skipped because they cannot be restored to the original location." My first thought was 'why not?' But no reason was given. There was a link to a log file. Looked at it, every single file had been skipped!

    What, I wonder, is the use of a Restore facility that cannot restore? Why would the first line in the box say "Your files have been restored" when not a single one was? DOS 3.0 could do better.

    I was going to have to re-install Eudora, but I didn't want to over-write all the mailboxes. I decided to use Explorer to copy these files to a safe place. When I was using XP, I chose where everything would be stored, I knew where to look, and could find it easily. But when I "upgraded" I was told that it was all different now, "Win 7 uses libraries, it takes care of everything..." I believe that was the expression. "And if you want to find anything all you have to do is type the name, or a few words of text and Win 7 will find it in an instant." So when I installed Eudora I had accepted all the default locations, didn't pay any heed to where they were, Win 7 would take care of that stuff.

    I bought "Windows 7, The Missing Manual," as recommended by Windows Secrets no less:

    "In the first 15 to 30 minutes after you install Windows 7—or in the minutes after you attach a new hard drive—it invisibly collects information about everything on your hard drive."

    I searched for Eudora mailbox files. Nothing. I tried a few words from an e-mail I sent yesterday. Nothing. I looked at the Index settings. IE History, Off-line files, and the Start Menu were the only things being indexed. This was the default setting, I had not changed anything because I didn't know how to, nor think I would need to. "Win 7 knows all about these things." It might just be conceivable that some people would feel suicidal if they lost their IE History, I am not one of them, I never use IE. Clearly the Indexing service hasn't been slowing up the computer. Not single document, image, or e-mail indexed.

    I have changed the settings now, and run the Indexing, it hasn't found any mailbox files, nor files containing quoted text. I've never seen anything like this in 20 years of using Eudora. If anyone has any idea as to where Win 7 might have hidden these files I'd love to hear from you. The more I see of Win 7 the better I hate it!

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