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    self repaired but lost all files

    I used the computer as normal but at one point it stopped working just displaying "the wheel of worry" when trying to open another programme.
    I turned the computer off and restarted getting the message Windows has discovered a fault do you want it to repair the problem. Clicked yes and after sometime the computer started up again but it appears to have lost all documents and photos. They must be there somewhere but where? It appears as though windows has reinstalled itself and I must start all over again? Sorry for not tech jargon but need some help.

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    Richard, Welcome to the Lounge. Sorry for your problems.

    Windows does not reinstall itself, but under certain situations it might attempt to fix a problem. It's possible you might have had a problem with your User Account and Windows created a new user account. Can you open Windows Explorer (Win Key + E) and search down through the tree specifically under Computer/C Drive/Users and tell us how many and what User Names are there. Do you see the User Name you originally created? Can you open that folder? Do you see your folders there?

    If so you might want to back up all your data to removable media or ext HD for now. Once you have everything backed up, you can try a System Restore to before the problem occured.
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