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    TOC formatting not matching heading formatting (or anything else)

    Please see the attached document.

    Notice that in the TOC level 3 entry the number (1.1.1) is bold, while the text for the entry isn't.

    Can anyone figure out why it's bold? I've looked at Reveal Formatting and although it's telling me the number is bold, it's not telling me the source of that formatting.

    I think it's from the multi-level numbering style applied to the heading 3 entry, but if that were true then TOC 2 would be bold as well.

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    Yes, the setting is in the multilevel list. Font, font size, and font style are all set for the number levels. Unless you want the numbers to be different from the paragraph style and you want the number formatting to show up in the TOC, leave these settings blank in the numbering's font dialog. Word treats the settings there as direct formatting, and so the TOC retains it.


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