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    IncludeText or Master doc and joining many files

    I have a set of files, one for each chapter of a book (using Word 2007). They were originally created by copying from a single file, so should have the same styles etc. I want to join them together into a single document. Each sub-document starts on a new page with a Heading 1 para. I know I can use either IncludeText fields or the master document feature for this. Ideally, I want the following features in the combined document:

    - Style definitions, page margins, headers and footers from the master document should dominate those in the subdocuments. (Eg if I change the Body Text font in the Master doc, I want this to flow through to the whole document).
    - Heading numbering should flow in the combined documents (I've used the inbuilt Heading 1 etc styles)
    - I want to be able to create tables of contents in the master document using headings and also using table captions etc.

    After joining the documents, we will later on want to edit the sub-documents and then reassemble the master document.

    Do I need to do anything special to get this to work, or can I just insert IncludeText fields into the master document? Or should I use the Master doc feature? (I've seen previous posts saying this was broken and also posts saying it is now fixed).

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    Hi Bruce,

    There are two kinds of Master Document - corrupt and about-to-corrupt. It has never been fixed. See:

    If you create a template for your document, and base each Chapter on that template, they'll all have the same page lyout, Styles, etc. And, if you check the 'automatically update document styles' option, any chnages to Style definitions in the template (which can be done from any document), will automatically update all the documents based on that template next time they're opened.

    You can certainly use INCLUDETEXT fields to link the document content together (and even to edit content in the source files). This will give you most of the benefits of Master Documents, with none of their drawbacks.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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