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    reproduce look and feel of google sites in joomla 2.5 using PHP

    Hello, I help to run a small community group and we need to arrange a rota to cover attendance at meetings. For the regulart weekly meeting, we have four roles which need filling each week, and for the monthly / quarterly meetings a larger team is needed. At the moment, we use google sites, which allowed us to create a page type called a 'list' which looks like a rows in a table with columns. We use one row for each date, and the columns relate to the roles etc to be filled. Our volunteers can log-in, click a dated row and enter them selves under whatever role they are signing up for.

    However, not everyone has or wants a google apps account, or can negotiate the process of creating one. Also, google seem to change the services they offer from time to time which confuses people. Given that we are now moving to our own joomla cms website, I want to re-create the functionality and the look of the existing process, to avoid inflicting another steep learning curve on our long-suffering volunteers.

    I'm sure what I want can be done in PHP or Javascript (and no doubt in other ways) but I don't know how. In joomla the custom is to use things like mootools but I can't hack them either. A script / page template set-up would be good as it could be pasted in (and maybe tweaked) to work for us. Any help with scripting or finding downloadable resources to try would be gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance, Frank

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    Unless you are an expert coder with a good knowledge of the Joomla framework, the thing you need to do is get some Joomla extensions to do what you require. Hacks generally fall apart with the next Joomla update.

    Look here for an extension.

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