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    outlook 2010 some pictures have been blocked to prevent sender...

    .. from identifying your computer. I get this in my Outlook RSS feeds. Now using Outlook 2010 Pro 32bit version on Windows 7 64 bit version. When I had Outlook 2003 (until recently) for years I happily used NewsGator Inbox and all my feeds came in picture-perfect (I used the snapshot html preview option) complete with all the youtube videos, jpg pictures, text, background and formatting--never a problem. With Outlook 2010 on half my feeds I see red X's even though I do not have "download picture placeholders" checked, even though I do not have the (awful) Trust Center security options checked for RSS fee ds (i.e. nothing is checked so pictures should be downloaded without limitations) and even though I even tried the slipstick registry hack to make sure images download images regardless of proxy settings even though I don't even have proxy settings on my connection. The message is that "some pictures (they should say ALL pictures in some cases) have been blocked to help prevent the sender from identifying your computer." This is the case no matter whether I opt to have the attachments and full html page downloaded or not. The only way I can see the snapshot / html page of a feed is to click on the "Full Article" option and see it in Firefox (albeit the images are pulled from the local i.e. temp directory as far as I can tell so they ARE being downloaded). Thus there is no way I can see RSS properly within Outlook.

    I prefer this to stand-alone RSS viewers because a) in outlook I can save, organize, archive and compress the folders and b) I prefer all reading material to come into one place--be it email or feeds. I assume this is the reason Outlook 2010 has a built -in RSS reader.

    If these images were phoning home so you cannot see them in Outlook--how come Outlook is downloading them to my hard drive for browser "offline" viewing? If the red-x quilt patterns were not enough, those few RSS feeds that do show images have the formatting all messed up--it's as if every bit of text on the page was stacked up vertically--every link, every tweet and icons and whatnot--BEFORE you get to the actual post so I scroll down forever to see anything (in a most unreadable presentation) even though I did even try an option to remove extra space (it matters not if I mark it or not--the formatting is still a mess so I now leave that unchecked). Plus no backgrounds come through via Outlooks RSS feeds, some come thru when using the add-ons but not consistently. Again, ALL this worked perfectly for years in Outlook 2003 (via XP). So even with Outlook RSS feeds that show more images (though nothing shows Flash content i.e. youtube videos), to see proper formatting OR get rid of the dang red X's I still have to open the email up in a separate browser window which means 3 clicks and no convenience.

    In my efforts to get around this nightmater I indeed tried a variety of Outlook RSS plugins--including my old NewsGator, RSS Popper, IntraVNews and a couple others--ALL of them are a mess on Outlook 2010. The only way I can see my feeds as I want them is via a great Firefox plugin called Brief. But again, I prefer to view in Outlook as I used to--for the archiving and folder options, etc.

    Is this the new improved rendering system that I understand began with Outlook 2007? -- i.e. is this by design? If not please help.
    Thanks! -Marcy
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