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    Anyone else think Views in Outlook 2000 are a pain in the backside?

    Whenever I switch from one view to another, Outlook thinks I want to redefine the original view to whatever settings that folder uses.

    For example: if I have a view called 'Standard', and apply it to 3 folders, and then monkey around with the columns of one of those folders, and then change that folder's view from 'Stardard' to another view, Outlook redefines 'Standard' to the monkeyed-around-columns without asking! (Thus changing the appearance of the other folders.)

    The only way I've found to get around this is to go into the 'Define Views...' dialog box and 'Apply' a view to a folder (instead of just selecting it from the View menu). But this is hardly convenient, and takes MANY more keystrokes.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Views

    this is with ol2000? I haven't seen that dialog in years, i used to get it all the time with ol98 though. wonder what i'm doing differently?

    customise your toolbar to bring views up to the top level, that'll reduce the strokes. do you normally use the veiws menu flyout or the toolbar dropdown?

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    Re: Views

    Yes, it is ol2000 (sr-1).

    I have the views menu on the toolbar, but when I switch to a different view, it redefines the current view's properties to the folder's properties.

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