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    CPU Usage at 100% after 4-6 Hours

    I have a AMD 800 Mhz CPU with 384Meg Ram, running under WinXP Pro.

    After running with no problems for about 4-6 hours then for no reason I slow to a halt, or near halt and sometimes am forced to reboot.

    I have been monitoring Processes and Performance in Task Manager and have found that the Image Named "SYSTEM" will go from a normal of zero CPU usage to all available free CPU usage. The CPU usage for "SYSTEM" will change depending on CPU usage of other applications open. So between any applications I have open (using about 1-50% CPU) and "SYSTEM" (using the remaining 50-99%), I stay at or close to 100% CPU.

    Sometimes I can open the Task Manager to check things out and sometimes even though I can still move the mouse around I can't open Task Manager.

    I have noticed a few people mentioning similar problem in newsgroups but I haven't seen any response.

    Anyone have a idea what's going wrong?


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    Re: CPU Usage at 100% after 4-6 Hours

    Have you considered that this may be a hardware problem? If you can, please post your system specs and/or model.

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