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    IP conflict with computer and TiVo

    Hi, I'm a newbie here, so forgive me if this issue has already been addressed somewhere. I've been unable to find anything similar to my particular problem.

    I have a Dell desktop running Windows XP; it's connected to the net via a Speedstream modem and a DSL connection. The modem in turn is connected to a router (a D-Link DSS- 5+), as is my TiVo, which I just recently acquired. But...there's a problem.

    I keep getting error messages on my computer telling me I have an IP conflict--my modem's IP is, and apparently so is the TiVo's, hence the problem. I can get on the net via my computer provided I disconnect and reconnect the router first, and I can update my TiVo if I shut my computer down, and restart both the modem and the router. But I can't do both at the same time, of course.

    Obviously I have to change the settings for my computer or my TiVo, but have no idea how to do either. TiVo gives step-by-step instructions on how to set up a static IP address, but I have no idea what to change the settings to in order to avoid the conflict. Terms like "Gateway", "DHCP" and "Subnet Mask" frankly make my head swim, and I consider myself an experienced computer user.

    I've already done the obvious and tried to reboot the computer, modem, TiVo and router all at once in order for all the devices to adjust to their new configuration, but it hasn't worked.

    I'm being given the royal run-around--my ISP told me to contact TiVo, who told me to contact the router manufacturer. The D-Link website, meanwhile, says my router is outdated and they therefore can offer no help.

    So, I'm appealing to all of you, to see if you can guide me through this frustrating process and resolve the IP conflict.


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    Hi Rachel,

    Maybe I do not understand your setup, but it should look like this (viewed from your internet connection):
    - Internet (DSL) is connected to the modem
    - The modem is connected to the WAN port of your router ONLY
    - Your router's other ports should be connected to the PC and the TiVo

    This would allow your router to offer a DHCP server function, so DHCP clients can obtain an IP address from it (both your PC and the TiVo, assuming they both are set up to use DHCP, and not a static IP address).
    This should avoid any IP address conflicts in the network segment "behind" your router.

    If your PC is connected to the modem, and the router is connected to the modem AS WELL, you have 2 DHCP servers in the IP address segment 192.168.0.x which conflict (one in the modem, and one in the router, and the modem is also performing a router function).
    Eliminate the one in the modem by using the setup described above, and your problem should be solved.

    As for the values to be used when you DO need to assign a static IP to the TiVo (if you can not use the setup above):
    Gateway: (your modem's IP address)
    Subnet Mask: (this means that all IP addresses starting with 192.168.0 are considered local to the ethernet network, and do not need to be accessed through the gateway specified above)
    A possible IP address for the TiVo itself would then sensibly be (way out of the normal range for IP addresses available for the DHCP server to give to clients).

    Kind regards,

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