Hi all,
I have been driven to distraction by this issue. For whatever reason, when I connect my phone and choose the correct settings for USB mode, the two drive letters show up, but I cannot access them. I am asked to insert a disk into the drive (already there). If, however I connect the phone with the computer off and reboot I have full access. I have remapped the drive letters and have ruled out other issues as a cause. It works fine, but only this way. I have tried all the suggestions on other Android boards to no avail. The correct drivers are installed, but I sense they will only load at boot. I have a card reader as well and where I used to be able to pop in a SD card and go, now I must have the card reader disconnected when I put in the SD card...then I can connect the cable and access the SD card. The issues seem related. I have uninstalled all USB devices and controllers and rebooted to no avail. I can live with this, but by nature am driven to learn why.