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    Bluetooth Pairing Failure

    I've just tried to setup a Bluetooth connection between a Windows 7 machine and an ASUS Transformer Prime tablet. Windows 7 offers a pairing code, I enter it into the tablet and Win7 hangs, thinking, and then decides that the tablet has timed out and throws a 0x80004005 error.

    If I try it again Win7 can't even see the tablet. It isn't until I reboot Win7 that I can even attempt to repeat the pairing. It fails in exactly the same way.

    This is not a problem with the tablet. In the past I've tried to sync LG phones with my Win7 machine and I saw exactly the same problem. Also, I can link the tablet with a USB cable and the tablet is recognized by Win7 as an external drive.

    There is a second Win7 machine in my house and I tried to sync with that machine. I got exactly the same results. My machine is a Dell built XPS730X; the second machine is a home build.

    I have a Microsoft Game controller. I note that they did not use Bluetooth for what could be considered a typical Bluetooth application. I wonder if Microsoft know something I don't?

    Anyway, I guess my real question for fellow loungers is, "Does Bluetooth work or should I give up and look for networking alternatives?"
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    I have been able to link Bluetooth devices (phones, mouse, Nook Colors) for both my Wife's PC (Win 7 HP) and my PC (Win 7 Ultimate)> Are you sure your devices are broadcasting during the pairing attempt?
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