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    Outlook 2010 Email Disappearing

    I have googled and can't find any answer to this. On occasion over the past few days (not always) the status bar shows email being downloaded but the email never shows up anywhere (any folder, junk, deleted, etc.). For instance, today I had a 6.2 MB email downloading (I watched the progress on the status bar), and it disappeared. These are POP accounts (not IMAP). I have checked rules and there are none messed up, and they usually work fine. I am using MSE with the settings set to check downloads. Not sure what to try here since i don't know what is wrong, and don't really even know which accounts these emails are coming from. As a stop gap, I have changed the settings to leave the email on the server for ten days, so I can check and see what is disappearing. Any ideas where these emails might go? Some temp folder? Anywhere? Thanks for any help

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    Does the email ever get to be received? I think the option to leave email at the server is a good one, will allow you to see what specific email message is in question and maybe understand why it happens.

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