I have several word 2003 documents in different sub folders on a network drive. The file name is *TOC.doc (* = different names, but the filename ends in TOC.doc). Each of these *TOC documents has a header, inside the header is a user name paragraph style title. The TOC document body contains a table with two columns. One column for document titles and the other column for document numbers. The document number starts with ABC-ZY-*-XXXX-0001. The document numbers are hyperlinks to files. The XXXX is what i need when I am searching for the user dertermined document number.

I would like to:
  1. search the different sub folders for files named -> *TOC.doc
  2. search the found file for a user dertermined document number -> ABC-ZY-*-XXXX-0001
  3. list the paragraph style title name, document title, document number that the document number was found in.
Some of the found files will have several instances of the user dertermined document number that will be listed out. After it searches one sub folder i will need the search to continue until it haas looked through all of the sub folders (Some sub folders may include a sub sub folder).

There will be many found files that will not have the user dertermined document number.
Can anyone help and give me the macro or VBA that will do this for me. ?