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    Hotspot connected ...but no internet access

    I have an o2 dongle with payg sim number which is supposed to give me unlimited access at BTopenzone hotspots, using wi-fi (not the dongle).

    My Win7 laptop easily connects and the BT website opens in my Firefox browser where I could buy access or log in with my account. I click on o2 as my provider and then am asked for my o2 number. Type it in ... and nothing happens. After a while, a message in my system tray pops up, 'No Internet access' although I'm still connected.

    o2 help line said they would get the tech team to reset the MAC address, which I assume they did. Still no joy.

    Anyone had a similar experience on know of a possible solution? I've looked at my firewall settings, but not sure what I was doing, so 'restored defaults'.


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    If you are getting the BT site then wireless is working, you just need access beyond the BT site.
    Have you asked BT?

    cheers, Paul

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