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    "Build a complete Windows 7 safety net"

    "Build a complete Windows 7 safety net"

    Last June (2011) I followed the above named article (Build a complete etc.) and used a 300Gb internal hard drive as the backup location. I did not realize that the space would be eaten up so quickly. I now have only 18Gb remaining on the location disk.
    My question(s) are: What do I have to do to replace the backup disk with a 1Tb internal hard drive? Do I just switch the drives and go through the same procedure again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    By the way this is Windows 7 Professional.

    Should this disk be filling so quickly. Help

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    Depends upon the type of imaging done; incremental vs full, and the frequency. The default Windows 7 backup and restore imaging app does not do incremental.
    The non imaging part of the Windows 7 backup and restore may also contribute heavily depending on how frequently it's done.

    The backups from the 300GB drive should be transferable to a formated 1 TB drive.
    (Ensure that protected operating system files are visible prior to the transfer)

    Reconsider how often your backups need to be done or get a third party tool that will allow for incremental backups.
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