I, certainly, agree & would not imply anyone should use, must use or even like one OS or another. Nor am I one to find a bunch of fault w/ Windows7, it IS one fine OS. I just find often the derogatory comments about this forthcoming OS are rash & almost completely based on the Start screen... that, allow me to say, is ridiculous & unfair. There's a damn good OS after that, practically, meaning less Start screen. Hell you & I & likely many others hardly ever see or use that screen... a few seconds as the thing boots to the Desktop & not much else. Yet, ppl make it out to be a nemesis, the bane of existence to Windows8. My god, it's the 1st outer layer of the skin of a damn good onion (OS); peel it off & carry on... don't make it the be all & end all of Windows8.

XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 whatever, each to their own (as long as they last), sure but, if, one is going to TRY to condemn Windows8, try to find a better reason than the silly Start screen. Or, in fairness, @ least weigh how supposedly terrible or what a huge problem the Start screen allegedly is, against all the good things there, also, are about the forthcoming OS.

I have to know & learn Windows8. Not saying anyone must run out & grab it in October or must like it. 7 is great & will stand for a long time. I just wish if one is going to bash something, know it well (enough) first & have a good reason to knock it down & freaking over Start is not a good (enough) reason.

Maybe, I'm just getting weary of all the (anti) Start screen ranting & cursing. All over something, one can easily not bother w/ (using) in the 1st place. Honestly, only time I see it is @ boot-up & when's that? On Patch Tuesday to complete Updates once a month. Geeesh.

But, yes, certainly, better than someone saying yuck w/out, @ least, tasting something first. & yes, you are right, lots do that.