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    In a previous thread I wrote...

    "Earlier this year I attended some free MS lectures/seminars/classes on XML. One of the applications that was recommended for XML was replacing INI files with XML files. INI files aren't that hard to read, but I guess using XML would standardize the format and allow other applications if needed to be able to read and write these files. The problem is that you need to reference another DLL in your projects and reading/writing an XML file is a little tricky. Maybe it's a little too bleeding edge and future versions of WIndows & Office will make this easier. I didn't do it in the Excel application because I didn't want to have to install anything on the user's PC.

    Have any of you used XML to read/write your files with app settings? What's your experience with it?"

    Kevin "Macaulay Culkin" replied...

    "I'm very much interested in the XML approach. I have no experience with it yet. Is there a site or two you gleaned from the seminars you could pass on?

    Does the XML file approach require an IIS? I suppose that's ok, maybe it's even ideal. My next approach was to try moving ini files into SQL tables and use html to store and retrieve the values. But now that you mention this, I'd like to know more myself.

    Another dll is probably no problem since it is most likely already installed with the OS or with IE. I'm coming around to the idea that making API calls from VBA apps is preferred over native VBA object manipulating mainly due to the fact that VBA objects are often limited versions of the "real" thing. Common dialogs come to mind as well as a host of other functions like those needed to reliably test for a network or internet connection.

    If you pursue this, start a new thread. You might be on to something significant..."

    So, I'm startin' a new thread.

    Unfortunately the web site that holds the presentations is down. Here's some sites anyway...

    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> would be the first place I'd start.

    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> is a more technical guide to XML.

    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> is the MSDN stuff on XML.

    Basically XML is a way to get away from proprietary data formats.

    More later if there's any interest.

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    Re: XML (VBA6/VB.NET)

    Good show, Mike. I'll investigate your sites.
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