Hey all,

I need a GPT-aware boot manager. Sort of. That is, I do not need to boot from a GPT disk, but there is a GPT disk in my system, and I don't want a GPT-unaware boot manager to mess with it.

Here is the short story. Have Vista Home Premium on a 640G HDD, 7 Ultimate on a 120G SSD, and a 3TB GPT disk for shared data. I installed a GPT-unaware boot manager (GAG, if you're interested) and it overwrote the GPT header and protective MBR on the GPT disk. Took many days and a lot of sweat to recreate the partition table and recover the NTFS master file table.

I do not know why GAG even installed itself on the GPT disk, since it is not a bootable disk anyway. But it did and it nearly cost me 2TB of data. Don't want to mess with that anymore. I just want a boot manager that I can use to dual-boot Vista and 7 from their respective drives. I also have a Linux partition on the 640G HDD, and would like to have the option to boot that as well. Any other OSes I may want to use, I'll run as VMs. :)

BTW, before anyone suggests it, EasyBCD is unfortunately not GPT-aware.