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    Boosting Windows 7 my take

    Never Use Third party Cleanup Tools

    Always use enough ram so you don't need page file

    Use Raid after a while will speed up I use 3 or more sized down drive's for speed (Try to use the same drives but still will speed up with different drives but will reduce the total output speed.

    Get the latest HDDs always no speed with old drive's with small cache look up the fastest with

    Remember reducing the physical size of your drive puts it closer to the front increasing average speed by using Seatools you can reduce the size with a bootable drive at bootup use the program to reduce HDD size but only if your wanting to reinstall or have a new OS you will have to back up your data you want saved!

    Use the tool to reduce a HDD from 600GB to 30GB if you have 3 HDDs reduced and use Raid you get (say you have three HDDs) 90Gbs minus OS
    + NTFS format space. You could be getting upto 250MBs/sec for what would be 120MB/sec single drive. The more drives in Raid 0 the faster!

    !!!!WARNING!!!!!!! Raid 0 is dangerous so have a separate storage for backup!

    SSD is Faster but if your on budget the cheaper options have less space for storage and the faster ones are expensive!


    PS: Hint: Raid will not work if the Motherboards doesn't support it (in this case you'll need a raid PCI/PCI Express plugin Card to work)
    My Asus P5Q Deluxe Supports it well!
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