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    Installing Retail Disk of WIN7 on SSD after Repl of MOBO

    I have a home built PC that is two years old. The MOBO failed WIN7 Home Premium x64 (new, on disk, no SP1). The Specs. ASUS P5Q Turbo, Q8400 Intel Core2 quad @2.66GHZ, 8GB RAM 4x2 GB., 2ea 750GB WD in RAID 1 (OS), 1ea 1TB WD internal backup.

    When the MOBO went down it apparently took out the OS with it, a little at a time. I was unable to restore, satisfactorily from internal backup, also not from USB backup on desk. Not from CRASHPLAN on internet. Attempted a nondestructive reinstall using Woodies plan on Win Secrets, then a clean restore.

    It was here that I tested all components and found that they all worked. Couldn't test MOBO so sent it back to ASUS.

    While waiting for its return decided to introduce an SSD--Intel 520 as OS and programs disk and use the 1 TB and 2 750 GB hdd's as data disks.

    Since I don't want WIN 8 and the only WIN7 I have is an up grade disk M'sft. isn't likely to be happy about relicensing. How am I going to get a clean, legit with M'sft. copy on my SSD? One other thing, I have a copy of XP Home 32 bit.

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    If the Windows OS that you used the W7 upgrade disc on was retail, then that retail license should be transferable to the upgrade disc/license. If the original OS was not retail MSFT are probably being straight with you.

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    Since you built the PC yourself, chances are you purchased a retail copy of Win 7. You had to replace the motherboard because of a system failure. You also added a new HD. Your old system doesn't exist anymore.

    After reassembling the system, boot from the Win 7 disk, run a Clean Install but DO NOT enter a product code. Let the install complete.

    Then boot the system again from the Win 7 disk and install it again using the Clean Install option. Don't format the drive this time - install it on the same partition as the first install. This time you can input your product key.

    Run the activation process. If it works you are home free. If not, call Microsoft and tell them your motherboard failed and you had to replace it. They will provide you with an activation code.

    Delete the widows.old folder before proceeding any further.

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