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    MS Project 2010 Extract Maps

    I use MS Project 2010 Standard on a government network. I have created several extract maps that are run weekly to export task data from a project file to Excel. It appears that the maps are stored in a "Global.mpt" file and not in the actual project (*.mpp) file so when someone else opens the project file they do not have the maps available.
    I used the "Organizer" to copy the files to the project file and they show as part of the project file in the Organizer window but other users cannot see the custom maps.
    Is there a way to make the maps available to other users?

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    Good Morning,

    You may want to convert your maps to a Macro and save in a blank project. The Macro will create VBA code contained in the project and will show in the Macros list. If that project is saved as a template, you and other users can use that template to create projects or copy your projects into and use the Macros from then on to export to excel.

    You would create the Macros by recording the steps you took to create each map and export to Excel. When each Macro is recorded and tested, then when the Macro is executed, the specific Excel spreadsheet will be created from that map.

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