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    Thumbs up Windows 8 System Image tool!

    Folks Windows 8 does have the same Windows 7 system image program. The only way to find it is by searching on this term "Windows 7 file recovery" without the quotes of course. That brings up the identical backup and Restore page that you see in Windows 7. I kid you not. Then you can make a repair/boot disk for that computer.

    Win 8 is trying to make the recovery independent of any disk because of there being so many netbooks, thinbooks, etc and clients with no Optical drives. So here's another search term you use in Windows 8 that takes you tpo a page that makes a recovery drive from a USB drive.

    Plug in a USB Flash drive at least 256MB large, and then hit the windows key + W and in the search box type "Recovery Drive." Click on create a recovery drive and follow the prompts!

    Enjoy people! I am loving Windows 8!

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