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    Unable to open shared mdb.


    I am having an issue with Microsoft Access that is the result of a Win XP
    SP3 update, install of IE7 or some other update downloaded and installed.

    There are databases on my laptop that I wish to open with Access on my
    desktop PC via simple file sharing between the two PCs. This has always
    been possible until one of the recent updates. Now, I receive a very long
    dialog box which reads:

    Microsoft Access cannot open this file.

    This file is located outside your intranet or on an untrusted site.
    Microsoft Access will not open this file due to potential security problems.

    To open this file, copy it to your machine or an accessible location.

    ---End of dialog box---

    Searching on the net and MS Knowledge Base I can not find an applicable
    article to resolve this. From the KB website, I obtain this
    Howver, these articles
    pertain to true remote locations using IP addresses or urls and I don't see
    how these workarounds can be adapted to local shared folders.

    To copy these databases between machines is not something I wish to
    consider. Some are masters with replicas and I keep the masters on my
    laptop so that I have them whereever I go. Having the master on my desktop
    PC would disable me from having one 100% accessible and easily modified on
    my laptop for synchronising with other users.

    Is there a solution other than restoring my system to a state prior to
    install of SP3 and IE7? Is there a known patch that plugs this supposed
    security loophole that I can avoid installing?

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated and have a Great Day!
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    Do you use Zone Alarm Firewall?

    I found this thread which might help.

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