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    Checking it out now....but l have a back up XP Pro Install disc & Everything is on disc/in the cloud w/Google Chrome which is synched(google's version of Acronis). If l did want to utilize this, could l just
    use the True Image 2013 or the full boat? Just curious,,,curiousity killed the cat, but for a while, l was a

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    To use Acronis TIH 2013 to restore, I believe 2 things would be necessary:

    1: An Acronis Rescue Boot Disk (in case your PC will not boot to start Acronis)

    2: An image file created by Acronis (I have been able to use Acronis TIH 2013 to access v 2010 and 2011 files.)

    I do not positively know, but I think the Image file must be stored on H/W you can access. I would think trying to store your Image file in the Cloud would be extremely time consuming. The Image file could be 20 to 40 Gb or more in size.
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    Let's get back to the actual question asked, "What will computer security look like after 2014?"

    Let's push MS and other vendors to stop treating computer neophites and gurus all the same way! It's very annoying to be stopped every time I open an e-mail or picture and told that this Might contain a virus. Why doesn't the OS stop and actually check to see if there is any "possibly" harmful content before totally blocking or making us click 2 or 3 "yes, I'm sure, I really do want to open this" boxes. The same goes for Software Suites that will even block content without telling us that it's doing so! I've got AV to look for the problems.
    Next thing you know, we'll have to call someone at M****S*** to get permission to run a program, at a small cost...

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