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    What's your Security for XP SP3?

    What are your optimum security choices and combinations for AV and firewall for XP SP3 with 1GB RAM that won't slow it down? Both PAID and Free.
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    I use MSE and scan all downloads before use. I am also careful about web sites I visit. And it's free.

    cheers, Paul

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    Of the better free antivirus products, avast! has the lowest minimum RAM requirement at 128MB and works with the old Pentium 3 processor ( Your operating system already has a firewall, so just turn it on. But, to be frank, I think your query is a bit backwards. You’re not going to be able to do much with 1GB of RAM, so the first thing to do is add at least another 1GB of RAM. If you can afford it, fill the memory slots on the motherboard to their maximum capacity, but no more than 4GB of RAM for Windows XP. RAM is very affordable right now, with 4GB of quality RAM going for around $35.00. Check the documentation that came with the computer to see if it mentions the RAM or motherboard specifications. If not, check the computer manufacturer’s website to see if they have support information about that computer. There may be a service code or tag somewhere on the computer which you can enter at their website to get information about your specific machine. If that doesn’t work, download, install, and run Speccy ( which might reveal the RAM and motherboard information. Removing and examining an existing memory module may also reveal some RAM information, but that will not tell you if the existing memory matches the motherboard specifications.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdisxm View Post
    What are your optimum security choices and combinations for AV and firewall for XP SP3 with 1GB RAM that won't slow it down? Both PAID and Free.

    Hello...First let me affix my "Woopin Helmet"... OK here goes ..I have and run XP Pro, Vista Home Premium, Windows 7 ...I do not use anything MS at all for security..and have done so for years..Think about it "Patch Tuesday" to ever be concerned with ever again.. How you say? First off ...Once my OS ( OS's) are stable and all working i never mess with them... with the "Patches and Updates" thing.( sometimes you might need some .NET thing for a particular program)... I use 3 things

    1. Norton Internet Security 2012 ( now previously Norton 360)

    2. Malwarebytes PRO

    3. Backup Image all my OS's a the very least Weekly...Also

    Use Acronis 2010 V7046... T&D (Try and Decide) when testing out any software..Let the Screaming begin... Regards Fred

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